Am Ende Weiß

“Am Ende Weiß”
This is my last project which I did for my study in Salzburg.
It is a short movie about death.
One man, who has terminal cancer does one last trip to a mountain where he has been many times during his life. On the way to the top he meets a young woman. They decide to walk together and so she tells him that she wants to commit suicide on top of that very mountain.

The story shows the conflict between him, who doesn’t want to die, but he will soon, and her, who doesn’t want to live.


My part on this project was all audio related stuff.
I did this together with a collegue of mine.

– sound recording on set
– SOT cutting
– foley recording
– foley cutting
– writing, recording and producing the score
– mixing the movie
– mastering the movie for cinema standards.

The soundtrack of the movie can be found here:
It includes all music which is used in the movie and some more Extended Original Soundtrack pieces of music.

The final movie will be online after submitting it to various festivals.

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