Am Ende Weiß

  „Am Ende Weiß“ This is my last project which I did for my study in Salzburg. It is a short movie about death. One man, who has terminal cancer does one last trip to[…]

SPÖ OÖ – Steuerpatrioten

This is a video I did for an austrian political party. – Sounddesign – Foley recording – Music composition & production – Mixing & mastering

The Time

  This is a song i wrote in summer 2012 with a friend of mine. On this song I did: – Songwriting – Guitars – Bass – Programming – Mixing – Mastering

Final Shot – Short movie

This was my first movie project. I did this before I started my study in Salzburg, Austria. My job for this movie was: – Music composition & production – Foley recordings – Sounddesign – Voice[…]

SPÖ OÖ – Jugendorganisationen

  This is a spot for an austrian political party. It’s about youth organisations. I did the music composition, production, mixing and mastering for this job.

DR&TH – Outlast

This is one of my private projects which I do together with the singer Thomas H.   I did songwriting, playing, recording, mixing and mastering

Apple Fish – SamSpacely

This was a project I did for SamSpacely (USA). I did mixing and mastering for his song „Apple Fish“ © DAN Sounds 2013

Still into you (Paramore – Cover)

This is another cover song which I did some time ago. I did: – Guitar, Bass playing and recording – Mixing – Mastering – Cover design

One and only (Adele – Cover)

This is a cover version of Adele’s beautiful song „One and only“ which I did with a friend of mine a while ago. My part in this project was: – Playing the guitar and bass[…]